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Terra Haven - 900 ft ²- Laneway- 2 Floors (Deposit Only) From $259,999

Terra Haven - 900 ft ²- Laneway- 2 Floors (Deposit Only) From $259,999

The Terra Haven: Sophisticated Urban Living

The Terra Haven is a testament to sophisticated urban living, blending space optimization with unmatched functionality. Tailored for the contemporary urbanite, it redefines comfort within an eco-friendly framework. Spanning two floors with a footprint of 18' x 26', Terra Haven is an ideal choice for individuals or families who seek a modern, sustainable lifestyle. Revel in the convenience and serenity of city living, reimagined in an eco-conscious style.



We understand that, given the quality and features of Terra Haven, when compared against current house prices, we could easily charge double for our units. However, our primary goal at Terra Modular is to address the affordable housing crisis. Charging excessively high prices would go against this core mission.


Therefore, Terra Haven is offered at an attractive and attainable price of $259,999. This cost includes all necessary appliances and a fully outfitted bathroom, ensuring it's ready for immediate occupancy. While furniture is not included in the base price, it can be added for an additional cost. This allows for the convenience of integrating furniture costs into your mortgage, facilitating a smooth transition to eco-friendly urban living.


Ordering Process:

A $100 deposit reserves your place in line for Terra Haven. This refundable deposit demonstrates your commitment and will be credited back to you upon finalizing your purchase. Please note, the $100 deposit is not the total cost of the house; it is the initial step towards securing your Terra Haven. The pricing details mentioned above represent the actual cost of the unit.


Please be aware that due to fluctuations in raw material costs, prices may vary prior to the payment of the full order.


The price does not cover delivery or installation. However, we offer a network of preferred contractors for installation, or you have the option for self-installation akin to assembling Ikea furniture. Customers are also responsible for obtaining all necessary permits prior to possession of our houses.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 


  • Features:

    • Dimensions: 18' x 26' footprint, two-story design.
    • First Floor: Open-concept living room kitchen with island, dishwasher, sink , convenient powder room.
    • Second Floor: Master bedroom, walk-in closet (featuring a hidden room), second bedroom, full bathroom, washer/dryer setup.
    • Modular Nature: Ability to upgrade from Terra Mini, seamless integration and expansion capabilities.
  • Benefits:

    • Enhanced energy efficiency and comfort.
    • Reduced environmental impact through sustainable building materials and methods.
    • Flexibility to expand or modify according to needs.
  • Use Cases:

    • Laneway House
    • Urban Dwelling
    • Guest Space
    • Garden Suite
    • Airbnb Rental
    • Home Away from Home
    • In-law Suite
    • Nanny Flat
  • What are the standard features of the Terra Haven?

    The Terra Haven is designed with a suite of basic features that elevate living standards while emphasizing sustainability and modern convenience. Here's what you can expect as standard in every Terra Haven home:

    • R35+ Walls: Our walls significantly surpass the typical R22-R24 insulation found in standard construction, providing superior thermal insulation and energy savings.

    • R45+ Roof and Floors: Offering insulation levels much higher than the average R2-R20 range commonly seen in residential construction, ensuring a warm and efficient living environment.

    • Rainwater Collection: Each unit comes standard with a small water tank designed to promote water conservation and sustainability.

    • Kitchen Innovations: Equipped with soft-close drawers and built-in pot storage shelves with optimized lid holders, our kitchens are designed for convenience and organization.

    • Smart Home Features: Terra Haven homes come with built-in smart home technology, including WiFi light switches compatible with Alexa and Google, offering an efficient system that allows for remote control even when the switch is off. This design choice circumvents the inconvenience associated with disconnected smart bulbs. An opt-out option is available for those who prefer traditional setups.

    • USB Outlets: Each room includes at least one built-in USB outlet, ensuring convenience and accessibility for charging devices.

    • Soft-Close Technology: For added comfort and quality, soft-close drawers, closets, and toilet seats are standard across all Terra Haven homes.

    These features are part of our commitment to providing a living space that is not only comfortable and convenient but also environmentally conscious and energy-efficient.

  • Beyond Building Homes: Solving Everyday Problems

    At Terra Modular, we pride ourselves on being more than just home builders; we are everyday problem solvers. Our approach to designing homes involves a deep consideration of the small, yet impactful details that enhance daily living. We don't just construct spaces; we meticulously craft environments that address the nuances of everyday life.


    • Thoughtful Faucet Design: We choose bathroom faucets that are longer than the norm, ensuring your hands don't touch the back of the sink—a small but significant detail that enhances cleanliness and comfort.

    • Silence and Convenience with Soft-Close Features: Our homes are equipped with soft-close technology in drawers, cabinets, doors, and toilet seats. This feature is especially appreciated during those late-night snack runs or bathroom visits, ensuring you don’t wake your partner or children.

    • Innovative Wall Construction: Opting for wooden wall panels over traditional drywall, we transform every wall into a giant stud. This not only facilitates easier mounting and hanging of pictures, TVs, and shelves but also enhances the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of our homes.


    These considerations reflect our commitment to solving everyday problems through intelligent design. By focusing on these seemingly small details, we ensure that a Terra Modular home is not just a place to live but a space that simplifies and enriches your daily life.

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