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Terra Towns - Fourplex Collection 1,800 ft² each

Terra Towns - Fourplex Collection 1,800 ft² each

Product Description:

A modern solution for community living, the Terra Towns -  Fourplex Collection presents four individual units, each thoughtfully designed with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Embracing sustainable architecture, these units are an ideal choice for towns like Vaughan, and other cities undergoing favourable municipal changes. The vision of sustainable community living is encapsulated in this collection, making it perfect for creating a modern, eco-friendly neighborhood.


Ordering Process:

To secure your place in our order queue for this innovative community living solution, a refundable deposit of $100 is required. This deposit demonstrates your commitment and will be credited back to you upon finalizing your purchase. Please note, the $100 deposit is not the total cost of the house; it is a step towards securing your unit in the Terra Towns Fourplex Collection.

  • Features:

    • Size: 1,800 ft² per unit
    • Each unit offers 3 bedrooms
    • 2.5 bathrooms
    • Preferred for locations like Vaughan and cities with favorable municipal changes
  • Benefits:

    • Promotes community living in a sustainable manner.
    • Modern design suitable for townhouses or shared spaces.
    • Investment opportunity with future growth potential.
  • Use Cases:

    • Modern townhouses
    • Community living spaces
    • Shared modular 4 row townhouses
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